Agent, Run!

Agent, Run! is the primary title I am working on at the moment. This game is produced in cooperation with Wolfgang Knecht. Agent, Run! is a fun, fast paced action 2D side-scroller based on finger gestures and awesomeness. Swipe to destroy drones, open doors and freeze sharks with the touch of a finger! The preview is already in the Play Store! The final version will also be released on iPad and iPhone.

urban bitLife

Urban bitLife is a mobile app which tracks the air quality around you. It gives you playfull feedback about the pollution you encounter everyday. The app did win the Smart City price at the Content Awards in 2011. The app was developed in cooperation with Stefan Fahrngruber of the SFA and Martina Schönherr.

Iron Wraith

Iron Wraith is a 2D parallax shooter I developed in 2008. The highlight of this project was the highly dynamic level editor which could be used to generate a wide variety of levels and settings for the game. All content was generated by Stefan Fahrngruber of the SFA.

Interstella Heroes

Interstella Heroes is a alternative input music game I developed in 2010. It is controlled with a guitar play controllerlike a Rockband or GuitarHero guitar. We used the tilt sensor in the guitar to controll a ship and shoot down colorfull music note ships. All content in the game was produced by Stefan Fahrngruber of the SFA.

urban bitKids

Urban bitKids is an interactive canvas allowing babies to explore a playful enviroment. Guide a flying bitPet using your fingers on the Screen, click on hotspots to activate sounds and actions. Check out what’s possible! Pick apples, make the sun rise and much more. Recommended for babies 3M+. The app was developed together with Stefan Fahrngruber of the SFA

urban bitAir

Urban bitAir is a responsive air quality visualization. The visualization displays a dynamic represantation of the air quality surrounding the user. I wrote a dynamic server backend running on Google App Engine using Phyton to query data from national air quality agencies in Austria and Germany. This webservice can be easily extended to various countries. The frontend uf urban bitAir is build in HTML5 and renders the visualizations in D3. The project was nominated for the World Summit Award. This project was done in cooperation with Simon Wallner, Martina Schönherr and Stefan Fahrngruber.